Company Clean4you s.r.o. was established in 2010 and since then, we have been one of the key players in the field of retail services and industrial logistics solutions. In the years that followed, we significantly widened our range of products for logistics and of handling equipment and newly added products for outdoor exercising and fitness into our portfolio. We produce all of the above in our own manufacturing and powder coating shops.

In everything we do, our priority is always to do a top quality job and to be helpful towards our customers. We make products that represent a long lifespan, high quality, convenient operation, design and services. Our products and production system comply with the most respected world quality standard ISO 9001.

Since the start of our company, an integral part of our company policy has been a responsible approach towards the environment. We provide our customers with prodicts and services that are of high quality, functional, convenient to use and environmentally friendly. For a long time, we have been reducing the environmental impact of our activities as per the ISO 14001 standard. The flagship in the area of ecology is our own cleaning technology using an environmentally friendly washing box, which we developed and introduced in 2010.