Powder coating for coating large-format parts small materials starting from one piece

A modern shop specialized in the final treatment of metals using a powder polymer. Powder-coating technology is very environmentally friendly, for favourable prices and brings a high-quality result. This service can be used for coating both small products as well as large parts.


Order realization

Our priority is always a speedy delivery. For standard orders, we offer a delivery time of 3 working days.

Powder colours

A selection from the RAL colour range from verified and high-quality producers. The powder coating is highly resistant, harmless, suitable for exterior/interior products.

Surface structure

You can influence the surface look by the selection of the powder. From the offered options, you can select, among others, shiny, mat, half-mat design or a rough structure.

Amount and price

Coating starting from the amount of one piece for favourable prices. Specific prices depend on the area of the coated surface (in m2), on the selected colour and number of pieces.


Upon the wishes of the customer, we can deliver the products to the required address using our own transport service.


The protection of products during handling and transport is ensured by standard packaging materials or as per the packaging regulations of the customer.


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A crucial factor for a high-quality coating is a clean surface of the material. Firstly the surface is degreased and treated with an anti-corrosion coating. This makes it ready for the application of the powder polymer. The colours are applied manually in a spray booth using a spray gun. After the powder polymer has been sprayed on, the product is placed into a kiln, where the powder hardens and adheres to the material surface at a temperature of 180-200 °C.


Powder coating is suitable for steel and zinc-coated surfaces. Thanks to manual operation, we can also arrange spraying of parts with complex shapes, including places with difficult access.

7800 mm
2900 mm
1400 mm
500 kg