Shelving units with the most practical properties for warehouses production operations archives wholesale and retail hospitals libraries offices garages workshops

Shelving units for warehouses are made from high-strength steel and are characterized by a high load-bearing capacity, component resistance against ambient conditions and by high stability. We offer modular, adjustable constructions or fixed monolithic shelving units with various surface treatments - from zinc-coating to powder coating. Thanks to a variable design and a wide range of varieties, they are suitable for company warehouses, production operations, administrative areas as well as for private use.

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We supply shelving units in several versions with shelf load-bearing capacities from 120 to 450 kg and with the possibility of variable adjustment of the height of the shelves. They are suitable for storage of small assortments, food and non-food items as well as heavy materials. If they are complemented by accessories, they also enable the storage of items of atypical dimensions, such as parts used in the automotive industry, tires, textiles including clothes on hangers, parts used in the electrical and plumbing industries and much more. Thanks to their attractive zinc-coated design, they are ideal for use in public areas, such as stores, libraries or offices.


Pallet shelving units for depositing and storing pallets are used mainly in industrial plant warehouses or in the back of wholesale stores. Depositing items onto the shelving unit and further handling of them is done using a forklift. We offer a range of versions with various dimensions and load-bearing capacities.



Movable shelving units are suitable for depositing documents and office binders. The advantage of movable shelving units is mainly the significant saving of storage space as well as easy handling. Assembly does not require construction work; panels with rails are placed on the existing floor. We offer them in several colour designs that are suitable for any interior.



Inclined shelves including a version with roller rails, assortment of hooks, separation grilles, storage boxes in various material and dimensional versions including the “plastic line” series with a selection of colour design for a more organized assortment arrangement and other accessories.