Exterior store equipment customized for supermarkets for hypermarkets

We bring a range of equipment for parking trolleys. The dimensions, shape and colour design of the equipment are always adjusted to the individual requirements of the customer.

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Covered trolley bays protect trolleys from weather conditions and ensure that the trolleys are neatly arranged. They consist of aluminium profiles with high-quality plastic, glass or PCD panelling. As a matter of course, the dimensions, colour design as well as the shape of the roof can be adjusted to the customer’s requirements. We also offer a special solution in the form of a lockable box that protects the equipment from damage or theft.



Modular trolley bays are weather-resistant and protect the trolleys efficiently from unwanted movement. A stable steel construction with a chrome-plated surface treatment is a suitable solution for exterior roofed areas. We will adjust the dimensions based on the wishes of the customer and on the number of rows.