Interior store equipment for small and medium stores for wholesale stores custom-made for designer and special stores

We offer a complete range of store equipment. We supply high-quality entrance zones for easy entry of customers into the store, a comprehensive range of directional systems, information and price marking designed with the attractiveness of the goods and product composition in mind. For the sale of special items, we supply atypical equipment in variable designs and shapes based on the individual needs of the customer.

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Modern certified turnstiles for stores enable a comfortable entry into and exit from the store as well as reduce the chance of an undesired exit from the store, e.g. in case of theft. We also supply equipment for the entry of personnel and for other areas with a high traffic of people, such as administration buildings, banks, sports sites, swimming pools, wellness resorts, airports, and other objects of similar nature. We can select the most suitable solution for the given area that corresponds to the requirements of the customer, usage and price conditions. We supply the products with various surface treatments and in the colour design as per the RAL colour chart.



This equipment is used to efficiently direct and guide the customer around the store and to separate the retail area from the back of the store.

Separation walls

Modular walls for a reliable separation of store areas and more. They consist of metal posts with a rectangular base cover made from hardened polycarbonate with an acrylic glass or wire panelling. Made with a chromium surface treatment with the option of colour design as per the RAL colour chart.


Guide railings

Guide railings are characterized by high variability and easy assembly. Steel posts with a rectangular base cover made from hardened polycarbonate. The posts are joined to the horizontal bar with a plastic collar in grey colour. The basic design is made with a chromium surface treatment with the option of colour design as per the RAL colour chart.


Protective components and accessories

We offer impact protection made from stainless steel and other protective components.



Checkout stations are always designed with optimal operation for the cashier and, at the same time, with a quick and comfortable checkout of the customer in mind. For smaller stores and price-oriented customers, we offer checkout stations without a conveyor belt. For medium-sized stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, we supply stations with a conveyor belt. Checkout stations are supplied in the shape, dimensional and colour options based on the customer's preferences. As a matter of course, we also offer optional accessories, such as a protective acrylic glass, payment terminal holder, screen holder, coin holder and more.



Navigation systems are crucial for the efficient presentation of special offers, product information and other information for both the customers and the employees. If they are complemented by other accessories, they can also be used to mark shelving systems in stores and warehouses. We supply a portfolio of products in a range of shape, material and dimensional options and colours.

Light and sound navigation systems

Premium one-sided or two-sided checkout station lighting combining LED technology, long lifespan and state-of-the-art design for quick and easy indication of the checkout station with the possibility of additional sound signalization. We also supply versions with the classic light bulb lighting technology. The lights are supplied with an easy-to-read print and controls.


Poster frames and price frames

Frames with high shape stability and rounded corners enable the easy replacement of the poster. These products are made from unbreakable plastic and they can withstand rough treatment. We supply these in standard formats as well as in other versions as per the wishes of the customer. The colour design can be selected as per the RAL colour chart. With the help of a range of accessories, they can be used to mark shelving systems in stores and warehouses, to present prices and for other purposes.


Poster and flipping stands

Practical stands are used to highlight special offers or to present prices while saving significant space. They are the right choice in situations where it is not suitable to place a frame on its own. The stands are supplied in both fixed and adjustable heights in standard formats and colour design as per the RAL colour chart.


Suspension poster rails

A modular system of aluminium and plastic rails is suitable for areas where information stands cannot be placed. This system is easy to assemble and operate and saves space significantly. If you combine them with linking and suspension components, you can create a rail of any length.


Snap frames

Classic aluminium frames with an anti-reflective protective foil for easy replacement of posters. They are supplied in various dimensional, shape and colour versions including a special version with a safety lock.



Chewing gum stands, cigarette boxes, newspaper stands and other equipment and various construction and metalwork objects as per specific client requirements. We also offer products for the interiors of bakeries, sweet shops, delis and other special operations. For more information, please contact our sales reps.