We will give your store a new look more customers a new design direction

Give your store a designer and functional look with the help of remodelling. This service includes a complete or partial makeover of the interior and back space. If you want your customers to feel comfortable in your store, let the design speak for itself.


Each kind of goods deserves a unique way of how it is offered. If you are widening your range or are not happy with the image of the sales section, leave it to us. We will design a new sales area with functionality and design in mind. The current trend in remodelling is sales equipment with design components from non-traditional materials, such as glass, plastic and wood.


We will perfect the look of your store down to the smallest detail. We will adjust the size of the sales area, colour layout and we will arrange the supply and replacement of what is indispensable to a store - all equipment. You can select the products from our offer of new or reconditioned equipment for more favourable prices.

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