A unique application for property management warehouse optimization reducing warehouse costs

Shopfit is a newly developed application for the comprehensive record keeping of movable assets from their acquisition up to the final disposal after the end of their lifespan. As part of the application, you get instant information about the current status, placement and history of individual items, the option to move the property, increase its value or write it off. This application can also be used as a service carried out by the company Clean4you s.r.o. 

Shopfit is suitable especially for larger companies with a chain of stores and warehouses managing a large amount of movable assets, restaurant chains, banks, museums, etc.

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Complex care

Complex care of your equipment starting from acquisition up to final disposal

Efficient management

With Shopfit, you will make the management of your property efficient, which in turn will help you reduce your expenses.

Information about property

You will get immediate information about current status, placement and history of movable assets.

Easy transfers

Transfer your equipment easily between warehouse locations or use a transfer to another warehouse.

Increasing the value of property

Do you need to repair or revitalize used equipment? With Shopfit, this could not be easier.

Smart solutions

All-in-one-place equipment management will enable you to plan and make decisions efficiently.

Responsive design

Thanks to application optimization for various devices, you can manage your property even from your mobile phone or tablet.

Mobile application

Application for Android and iOS systems for a quick control of the application including scanning of QR codes, carrying out operations with the property and much more.

Encrypted communication

Thanks to an encrypted (https) connection between the client and the server, you do not need to worry about using the application.